The web site "BANEA.MD" is a place where the information about all bathing establishments from Chisinau and its suburbs is systematized, as well as from other cities from Moldova. On the site one may find useful and comprehensive information, the prices and other characteristics. All the baths and saunas which are described on the site are waiting for their clients.






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About the project "BANEA.MD"the bathing life on one single site.The first Moldovan site dedicated to the bathing topic.

We are very glad to see you on "BANEA.MD" and are ready to offer you all the information you need about the city’s bath centers. Here you may find information about all bathing centers and saunas from Chisinau, as well as from other cities of the Republic of Moldova. We made this site functional, handy and easy to use.

The web site "BANEA.MD" does not only provide the list of baths and saunas.Each bathing center has its own page with a detailed description and information about the prices for the services that are provided. Each page of a bathing center comprises its description, photos of the steam room, swimming pool and other facilities. This has been made for the clients to know the services that are provided.

One of the main aspects that make our site different from others is that it has an easy method of searching a place, which includes a set of parameters, allowing you to specify the area, the desired price, the type of the steam room and other provided services. If the main criteria of searching is the price, you will filter the entire set of proposals according to this criteria. In this way you will receive all the options that fit your needs.

Our site comprises selected and comprehensive information about all the baths and saunas from Chisinau. You may search, read and make the necessary notes. If you had rested well, it means we coped very well with our work.

We express our gratitude for visiting our site. We hope that the information provided on our site was useful for you and your holiday turned to be memorable and enjoyable. We wish you all the best! Make sure you visit us again!